The Fall of Rome Explained In 13 Minutes

FREE trial to The Great Courses Plus: The Fall of Rome/Fall of the Roman Empire marked a pivotal point in human history and ended Roman power in the west 1,000 years after the city’s foundation. The Roman empire, towards the end of its lifetime, could not stop the relentless barbarian attacks that chipped away […]

North African Campaign 1940 | Animated History

Join us in War Thunder for free using this link and get a premium tank or aircraft and three days of premium time as a bonus: Sign up for The Armchair Historian website today: Ironside Computers – Click here to customize your own PC: **USE DISCOUNT CODE “History” FOR 5% OFF!** Sources: […]

Tesla Before Elon: The Untold Story

Make sure to check out and subscribe to SideQuest: Support us on Patreon to get early access to our future videos: Join us at our subreddit and on social media: Reddit: Facebook: Twitter: 38th video of the Behind the Business Series. A popular myth on the internet is that Elon […]

Dear Future Generations: Sorry

An Apology Letter to Future Generations. Sorry. Don’t forget to like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE: For more inspirational videos on climate change, watch: I Quit Man vs. Earth 4 Ways to Fight Climate Change Join My Motivational List and get Exclusive Videos, Discounts, and Updates Audio only version here: Music […]

Organize your life from an app? the TickTasksApp is here!

The #TickTasksApp can now be accessed online or through the app. Head to the website to learn more:

Star Wars: Episode IX – Teaser

Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: Episode IX.

Help me out here! | Umm Abdullah

By the way, these are some of the suggestion we got from family and friends. Have a read and let us know your thoughts. – Setting up Orphanages near the Syrian Border or within Afghanistan. – Madrasa (school) for refugee children near the Burma border. – Water project for Somalia. – Centres to treat Mentally […]